Support & Advocacy

The Support and Advocacy Committee was created by the Executive of the Nova Scotia RCMP Veterans’ Association to focus on the health and wellness within the Region and to facilitate the timely delivery of accurate knowledge, assistance in the application processes, and support to all the Membership and families within the Division. The support is provided by knowledgeable and accessible Committee members, who have researched and/or are experienced in various benefits, pensions, programs and options available to the disabled, the aging population, and those in need of assistance in various forms. Such benefits and programs include those from Veteran’s Affairs Canada (VAC), Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), Government of Nova Scotia, and other agencies. 

The Committee’s efforts are in the form of personal contacts, delivery of information workshops within the Regions, and the training and mentoring of Regional resources to assist in providing information to the Membership. Research is conducted to identify further resources which will be of benefit to the Membership. Other products include the Survivor’s and Executors Guide and accompanying Checklists for the Membership and spouses; these are all updated periodically. Various other information items of interest, as well as useful web links and contact lists are provided to the Membership through the NS Vets web site (    

August 21, 2013/ revised August 15, 2014