As the Director of Membership for the RCMP Veterans’ Association, Nova Scotia Division, I would like to ask you to consider joining the ranks of our Veteran’s family and to rekindle that family feeling that most of us had during our service to our country and the various communities that we were an integral part of over the years.

What is in it for you?  That is something that we all have different answers for. Our Division is growing at a pace that a race horse would be proud of.  We are the largest Veterans’ Division in Canada and when you think of it, there has to be a reason for that.  One is that a large number of our RCMP brothers and sisters come back to Nova Scotia to retire or stay here at the end of their service.  The other is this Division’s Association does much more than just go to coffee. We take pride in helping each other with so many different issues that affect us all later in life.

We have a dedicated Support and Advocacy Committee that stretches its limits trying to get Veterans Affairs pensions to qualified members. When we left the force, very little information was given to us so we could pursue a quality of life for ourselves and our families that included treatment and compensation for some of the things that we experienced during our service. This could be a duty related injury that was poorly reported or one that was on the files but you just never knew how to get compensated and treated for it before you left the Force.  

It is time to step up and become a part of our history that always looked after fellow Mounted Police members (no matter what). It is time to realize, that by going after the things you and your families are entitled too, it strengthens your future and may indeed help sustain a quality of life that is better for your family, even if you are no longer there. 

It may be as simple as helping you get your Medical and Service files out of Ottawa. You would be surprised to see what is in them after all these years. We can help!

You may have a skill set that you might want to share with the Veterans’ Association and enjoy giving back to those, who we all know, need a hand from time to time. We never hesitated when we wore the Red Serge. Why would we not continue to serve and maintain the Right for each other?

The social interaction of our Association is second to none. We have a Social Committee set up that coordinates many functions that may interest you and your spouse or partner. They say you can pick your friends but not your family, well let me say this - we are family. As long as there is one retired member, or qualified person that meets the requirements to join our family, then we all should strive to bring them home and back into the fold.

The Nova Scotia Division has seven regions throughout the province and each is engaged in making a difference to the members no matter where they live. We visit each other and your executive working out of Halifax carries our message of success throughout the entire country at the National Annual General Meetings held someplace in Canada each year. We, in the Nova Scotia Division, are a force to be reckoned with and a lot of what we put in place is shared with other Divisions across Canada.

Please consider joining and note that we now invite spouses/partners to join as Associate members; we invite Public Servants who have served the Force for a dedicated number of years to join; we invite the auxiliary members who served with us, drove in the police cars and had our backs on many occasions to join and we encourage Serving Members to consider joining after they have reached 20 years of service.

If you were in the Force and got to wear the red serge for 40 years or just for a very short time, you qualify to join. Once a member, or a person in support of the force, always a member or someone who has earned your place in our fast growing family.

Please JOIN today, membership applications are available on this website and we are waiting to hear from you.


Pat McCloskey

Director of Membership

RCMP Veterans Association

Nova Scotia Division

Membership Application - PDF Format

Membership Application - Word Format


To all RCMP Widows and Widowers/ Surviving Partners         (AN OPEN LETTER) 

From:  The RCMP N.S Division Veterans Association, membership Director


It’s time we talked. This short letter is intended to reach out to you with the deepest of respect and sympathy for your loss.  This loss may be recent or have occurred in the past. Either way you are important to the RCMP veterans association and for that reason I want to take a moment and let you know that we want to stay in touch with you and provide you all the information that you should have, as it relates to being part of the RCMP Veterans Association family.

Most of us have really never left the Mounted Police behind, because, just retiring and or losing our partners or spouse and moving on with the next phases of our life, never brakes that strong tie that we all have, having been through a lot together during the course of our partner/spouses life, we will always be wrapped in that red serge in one way or another for the rest of our lives.

Some partners /spouses have already joined the RCMP NS Division Veterans Association and are receiving the flow of information on all manner of issues that affect their lives, whether it be changes in Disability benefits, Social gatherings that bind us all together, or keeping in touch with that part of our lives that formed the foundation to make us all stronger together.

Yes, times have changed and when you lose a partner or spouse things really change fast for the first while. Then the need to be part of our history and the good times we shared with those gone before us kicks in. Where do you turn to get that empty spot filled?  I can tell you, you, are not alone and more and more spouses or partners of  deceased  Mounted Police members are turning to the Veterans Association for help in all manner of things, ranging from funeral assistance, grave markings, benefits  that you may not even know you are entitled to and the list goes on . You may not want to attend the regular meetings that are held generally, once per month or even become involved to an extent beyond getting the valuable information that is generated by the Association on a continual basis and that is OK.

The only way we in the Association can serve your needs is to have the contact with you that membership in the association provides.  I would encourage those who have already joined to reach out to those who have not, as yet, taken that step and let them know that we can help in so many ways with their day to day lives. Having a place to turn where the people know what you are going through can be a great help. Confidentiality is important to us if the issues are private. We have committees set up in a wide range of area’s and can offer you help or referrals  to cover the things that matter to you.


I would respectfully ask that you take a few moments and reflect on your past and the opportunity membership, in the RCMP Veterans Association of Nova Scotia will provide to you.  I am attaching an application form with this letter, please have a look at it, fill it in and enclose the $15.00 Dollar fee.   Send the application to the address found on the Form. This will allow us to start the process of making you a full Associate member, and providing you the information you need to make your life a little bit better. Remember Knowledge is Power and we can help provide that power, for you and your family.

Thank you for your time

Pat McCloskey

Director of Membership

RCMP Veterans Association

Nova Scotia Division